Hi, I am Sara

I graduated from Middlesex University, London (BA (Hons) in Marketing Communications) and before that at Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology (Diploma In Multimedia, Advertising & Broadcasting). For the last six years i had been working in the advertising/branding industry and now I decided to follow in the footsteps of three generations of my family and serve the country I was born in.

I was born in a Terengganu kampung beside the river where 80% of the population are fishermen and farmers. And I grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

I grew up watching my father get arrested and go in and out of jail. At that time during a TV interview with ABC Australia I said I do not understand why my father is doing this and what good does it bring to the family. Today, 20 years on, I totally understand that every Malaysian, like the three generations before me, must do their bit for Malaysia.

My grandfather, Raja Kamarudin bin Raja Sir Tun Uda, voted for Gerakan in 1969 in spite of my great-grandfather being the Governor of Penang and very close to Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak Hussein, PM Najib’s father. And the reason he voted for Gerakan, and not for Umno, was because he believed in a multi-racial Malaysia. That was almost 50 years ago so it is logical that if I choose to go into politics it would be through a multi-racial party. But I would prefer if we can call Gerakan a non-racial party rather than a multi-racial party because multi-racial is still racial.

Ask any daughter and she will say her father inspires her. But I suppose Tun Razak would be the man who impress me most. If not because of him Malays would still be farmers and fisherman today. Five million Malays received a higher education because of Tun Razak’s policies. Do you know if Tun Razak had not died early then people like Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim would not be known today? Tun Razak’s death was a great tragedy for Malaysia in more ways than one.

Political Ambition and Goal

Humans propose but God disposes. I will allow the future to take its natural course. Of course, everyone wants to move up the political ladder. But that does not mean it is going to happen. That is why a pyramid is wide at the bottom but narrow at the top. And if anyone tells you that he or she does not aspire to reach the top then that person is dishonest and does not deserve your support.

Most Concern Issues

Education, women’s rights, social issues, poverty, racism and exploitation of religion for political gain.

Politik Baru

The old-school politics need to go especially when we have the former prime minister still fighting for power. Pakatan until today is fighting and shouting for change. But the truth is the only change we will get if they win the election is a different party but the same people who have been around for the last 35 years or more, what we call old wine is a new bottle. They have been around longer than I have been alive. So define change? Merely new clothes on the same tired old bodies? That is the change Pakatan is offering. Cosmetic change.

It is About the People

To make a difference politicians or wakil rakyat need to learn they are not the boss but the people are the boss. That is why we call them wakil rakyat. We are supposed to be the people’s voice. We do not speak out what we want. We speak out what the people want. We are just like a postman delivering a message from the people.

The Change is Now

The first change we need is for politicians to stop lying and tell the truth. Let us start from there. The number one change. Malaysia has turned into a country where the truth no longer exists.

Malaysia is not as bad as what they are saying. Go visit other countries and then talk. They talk as if Malaysia is the sickest country in the world. Yes we need change but it is not as serious as the opposition is saying. And the change must start from them.

We do not need the country to change. We do not need the government to change. We need the people to change. Malaysians are selfish, inconsiderate, always complaining, want everything for nothing, are never satisfied. Change that first then talk.

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